A miracle: All inside Mt. Zion Baptist survive tornado uninjured

The children were moved from their preschool area near this destroyed sanctuary.

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — When an EF2 tornado hit Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Blandville Road in McCracken County Thursday, 40 preschool children and 10 staff members were inside.

“God was definitely with us,” said preschool director Michelle Rushing. “The secretary and I walked through the doors just as we heard our glass breaking and felt the suction sucking the roof off.”

One parent left work to pick up her daughter and a friend’s daughter. “People were blowing me up and asking if she was OK,” mother Kory GioVengo said. “And I couldn’t get a hold of the teachers.”

That’s because they were busy saving lives — evacuating the children to a safe place in the church.

“We had six kids in here when the alarms went off.” Rushing said. “When it went off, we used one of their beds to get all the babies to the other side.”

A McCracken County sheriff’s deputy had to take cover in his car while going to help the church.

“I saw the trees coming up out of the ground and flying through the air and power lines coming up and laying down over the road,” said Ryan Willcutt. “I just kind of put my head down covered my head and prayed for the best.”

GioVengo was shaken up as she looked down at her little girl Ivy, relieved to get her from the mangled church.

“Soon as I walked in, I just started crying, because I knew they were OK,” GioVengo said.

The church will not have Sunday school this weekend, but they will have a Sunday service at 10 am at the Family Life and Worship Center.

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