McCracken and Ballard families and businesses dealing with storm damage

Thursday ended with clear skies and a beautiful sunset, far different from how it started. Severe storms and tornadoes swept through west Kentucky, sending people to their safe places.

“We were just sitting there talking, and then all of sudden the winds got really bad, and the trees — I could see out the window the trees looking like they were about to snap in half, and it was white winds everywhere. So all three of us went into the bathroom until it was over,” says Kasey Evans.

Evans works with Lifeline Ministries in Paducah. She was at the main office when the storm blew through. It took a portion of the roof off and the end of the building is gone.

“A 16-foot trailer was slammed into the side of the building. The whole storage part or our building is gone,” says Evans.

On the other end of McCracken County, most of the home Paula Spear grew up in was destroyed. Her mother is the only person who lives there, and fortunately she was out of town when the storm hit. Spear says it’s hard to see the house she grew up in destroyed in a matter of minutes.

“We’ve made a lot of memories, it will be hard not to be able to come back here if we can’t fix it,” says Spear.

Ballard County also saw damage from the storms.

“I said ‘Oh God.’ I thought I was a goner,” says Joahanna Yarbrough.

Yarbrough and her mother heard the tornado as it passed over their home on Blandville Road. It ripped part of their roof off.

“Never been in one before, and no, don’t want to be in one again,” says Yarbrough.

Yarbrough is counting her blessings despite the damage.

“We’re blessed that it didn’t do anymore damage than it already did,” says Yarbrough.

Thankfully, there have been no reports of deaths from the storm. Just about everyone we spoke with today said they can replace things, but you can’t replace a person.

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