Road crews just cleaned up washes out again in Miller City

MILLER CITY, IL — Miller City Road washed out again Thursday after crews repaired the damage from a washout last week.

Flooding is bad enough, but families in Miller City, Illinois, are dealing with it again and again because of a broken levee. Sherry Pecord said her commute to work felt like a second job.

“I was able to drive my vehicle out. I drove out in probably 4 or 5 inches of water with a tractor in front of me with a blade pushing debris so I could get through,” said Pecord.

She believes it will only get worse and that she will most likely need a boat Friday.  She said it’s one example of her family constantly having to think ahead.

“I have a 20-year-old daughter who has an active social life. This squashes that for her. She has to be on track to catch the tractor or boat back in or out. I left this morning, and I try to think — Do I have everything I need?” said Pecord.

While she is thankful for the county highway department fixing the washed out road last week, she said they shouldn’t have to keep putting Band-Aids on the issue.

“It’s ridiculous that they have to keep doing the same thing over and over again,” said Pecord.

She said instead they should work on the solution, which is fixing the broken levee.

The county is waiting on the Army Corps of Engineers to come out with new levee repair rules. The levee district hopes that will help allow the Corps to help with the repair.