Tornado destroys one home, damages another along McCracken County road

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — Trees toppled, siding shredded, and a roof ripped apart: that’s what it looks like on Moore Road in McCracken County following Thursday’s tornado.

One of the houses on that road belongs to Paducah native Mark Holmes and his wife.  He said they were at work when strong winds ripped through the home, tearing off large sections of the roof and causing extensive damage. Holmes said a neighbor called him about what happened.

“It was unbelievable. I mean, it was just a shock,” said Holmes, who has lived there for 14 years. “It’s kind of a windy area out by the airport, but never thought this could happen.”

Holmes said the winds blew the front windows and doors into the house, damaged the living area, and even separated a wall from the home’s structure. He believes the house is a total loss.

Holmes’ garage also had massive damage.

Winds overturned Holme’s pontoon boat.

“We were able to get some of the lawn equipment and some of my cars that were inside, out. But the garage itself is actually about 5 feet off its foundation,” said Holmes.

Holmes’ relatives, neighbors and his insurance agent all pitched in to help clean up and salvage what they could.

“It’s just amazing what friends and family will do and come to your need when you need them,” said Holmes.

Despite the devastation, Holmes said everyone was in good spirits.

Holmes said his garage was ripped 5 feet from the foundation.

“Everything’s replaceable. The good Lord’s always taken good care of us, and nobody got hurt,” said Holmes. “We’ll move on, and I really think everything will be just fine.”

A neighbor’s home also suffered damage.

In addition to Holmes’ house, a neighbor’s home across the street was damaged as well. Winds tore off some of the house’s siding and toppled a tree onto a pickup truck parked outside.

The winds also snapped and toppled many other trees in the area, so much so that a section of Moore Road was completely blocked by branches. Crews have since cleared the road.

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department said deputies will be patrolling areas affected by the storm and warns that any trespassers or looters will be arrested.

Strong winds snapped this tree near Moore Road.

According to Kentucky State Police, there was only one confirmed injury resulting from the tornado as of Thursday morning.

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