Great-grandkids among family members helping clean up tornado damage

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — With one roof left with a gaping hole and another roof completely torn off, two families in McCracken County are cleaning up and salvaging what they can after Thursday’s tornado seriously damaged their homes.

The two homes are on Mayfield Metropolis Road. One of the homes lost not only its roof, but a side wall as well. Sections of the home, as well as insulation and various debris, were scattered all around the property. The man who lives at the home told Local 6 he had to hang onto the front door to avoid getting blown away. He was not hurt.

The second home, located a short distance behind the first, had heavy roof damage. A large section of the roof on the front of the home was ripped off completely, fully exposing the attic. However, the family said everything stored in the attic stayed in place, including totes and lawn ornaments. The home also suffered damage on a side wall, as well as at the garage.

A workshop next to the home — where a tractor, lawn equipment and other items were stored — was destroyed, with not a single wall left standing. Beyond that, a barn was leveled as well. Only a pile of wood remains.

The winds were so strong, they blew the homeowner’s pontoon boat several hundred feet. Sheet metal, boards and fallen trees littered the property.

Camden, Carlee and Lillie helped clean up their great-granparents’ property.

The homeowner told Local 6 he was inside the house when the storm ripped through, while his wife was at work. He was not hurt.

On Friday, the couple’s family members were helping them clean up the property, including their great-grandchildren:  7-year-old Camden Wilson, 9-year-old Carlee Wilson, and 10-year-old Lillie Easley.

“I have been cleaning up boards from the swing set, and metal, and life jackets from the pontoon and stuff,” said Lillie.

When Local 6 asked the kids why it’s so important to help with the cleanup, Carlee replied, “Because, for one, it will help with the environment., and it will encourage my great-grandparents.”

Camden replied, “Keep picking up dangerous stuff. That way, our little cousins don’t get hurt.”

Carlee Wilson, Camden Wilson and Lillie Easley

Carlee said she never expected the winds to be so strong. “In school, we had to take shelter twice. I thought it was just a drill at first. But whenever they started saying stuff, like the alarm went off, I was like, ‘Wait, this is real,'” said Carlee.

The children said when they visited their great-grandparents’ home on Thursday, they were really surprised by all the damage.

“I was like, ‘Wow.’ I was just really scared. I was just glad that Pawpaw Doug was okay,” said Carlee.

“I felt really mad at first, because this is where they lived all my life,” Lillie said.

While the children, their parents and other family members continue to help with the cleanup, they said it’s good to see everyone pitching in.

“It makes me feel really happy, because it makes it get done quicker, so we fix the roof,” said Lillie.

The American Red Cross was also on site to provide food and drinks for the family.

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