Mt. Zion Baptist members say God protected them from tornado

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — On Friday, about 100 volunteers came out to Mt. Zion Baptist Church to help clean up the mess left behind from Thursday’s tornado. One of the volunteers was Toni Mathis.

“We didn’t really realize what was going on,” says Mathis.

Mathis is not only a member, but also is a teacher at the church’s daycare. She was one of 50 people — about 40 of them children — inside the church when the tornado struck.

“We were singing with the kids. We just blocked out anything else that was going on and was occupied with making sure the kids were safe,” says Mathis.

She says it’s hard to believe no one got hurt.

“I think it didn’t really hit me until about 10 minutes after the tornado, after I left here, that — what could have happened, and why God was on our side, and why he was even with us moments leading up to the tornado,” says Mathis.

Senior Pastor Wes Conner says the building isn’t what makes a church.

“A church really is not a building. A church is not property. A church is the people of God,” says Conner.

He says it’s tough to lose part of the building, but he knows God was involved during the storm.

“When you look at this building, and you see the destruction, and you recognize it had about 50 people in this facility when this hit and no one had a scratch on them, I think that is what really gives us the focus of what all of this tragedy is all about,” says Conner.

Mathis says she is blessed. “Not a scratch on anybody — not one,” Mathis says.

Conner says they will hold a Sunday worship service this week in the Family Life Center. He says it will be a time of thanksgiving and praise.

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