Deputies increase safety patrols at schools in Graves County

GRAVES COUNTY, KY — You’re going to see more patrol cars from the sheriff’s department at Graves County Schools. In a Facebook post, Interim Sheriff Jon Hayden said they’re boosting their presence district wide.

As Graves County students roll into school, they’re seeing a little more black and yellow. “It lets us know that they really care about our community, about our kids and their safety,” said mom Jessica Robinson.

Robinson rolled down her window to tell me how she feels about increase school patrols. “They’re not here to be mean or hateful. They’re here honestly to keep you safe and make sure everything runs smoothly,” said Robinson.

Kelsey Ellegood had a similar reaction. “It makes me feel better. Overall, I think it would be better for the students,” said Ellegood.

Patrols start in school zones. That’s where you’ll first see Deputy Dale Mason. “We’re looking for speeders, any distracted drivers and people passing the school bus. They actually stop right in this area,” explained Mason.

Another point of this initiative is to get deputies from the streets into school hallways. It’s there that Deputy Brooke Nelms thinks a real difference can be made. “Not all kids see the police as good people, and we want them to. We want them to feel like they can talk to us about anything. You know, some circumstances they don’t feel like that,” said Nelms.

When not on a call, deputies will be connecting directly with students across the county.

Hayden said a more interactive website is also in the works for the Graves County Sheriff’s Department.