I Am Local 6: 10-year-old Ethan Morgan is Major League Baseball kid reporter

PADUCAH — Spring is here, and so is baseball season. Many of us would pay a lot of money to be on the sidelines and meet our favorite players.

A local boy gets to do that. 10-year-old Ethan Morgan won a contest to be the 2019 Major League Baseball kid reporter.

“He knows more stats on baseball statistics than any 10 year old,” says his grandfather, Terry Wallace.

“It is all day, every day. He’s looking at baseball cards or watching it. If he’s not watching it, he’s playing it. It’s a big part of our house, for sure,” says his mom, Jennifer Morgan.

Ethan can talk the talk when it comes to baseball. “I hope to meet Chris Byrant, because he is obviously my favorite player,” he says. “And I’d love to know, like, how does it feel to have a 2016 championship? I mean, 108 years since they won, and you know, you are part of the organization that won it.”

He’s on the field at least once a week with his team.

“Well, my grandfather has always been a big baseball fan, and I started playing when I was 4,” Ethan says. “I hated it. My mom persuaded me to keep playing, and I’ve loved it ever since.”

But Ethan says he’d rather be on the sidelines reporting. MLB is sending him to about two games a month to be a sideline reporter and ask the big shot players questions.

“He doesn’t ask the typical 10-year-old questions. He’s going to ask them ‘You’ve been in a slump. What’re you going to do to get out of it?'” Wallace says. “He’s going to know what their statistics were last year, the year before that.”

Grandpa and mom will be traveling with him across the country.

“Ethan and I have a mother-son goal to see all the MLB stadiums together, so for the last two years, each year, we try to get one or two and we check them off,” Jennifer says. “We are going to be getting a lot of checks this year.”

Baseball is a family activity for them. The players feel like family, too. “I’ve just watched them so much, and their attitude, it’s just like, they feel like people I’ve known for 10 years,” Ethan says.

Ethan’s first game is in April at Citi Field with the New York Mets.

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