Mt. Zion Baptist Church still recovering one month after tornado

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY – Rejoice. Recommitment. Rebuild.

Those are the three words that Mt. Zion Baptist Church members are living by after an EF2 tornado swept through their church one month ago.

You may remember the damage. Parts of buildings torn off. Metal and debris piling in areas.

Senior Pastor Wes Conner is not letting the disaster get the best of them.

“I open the doors, saw the roof was missing, all the rain was coming in, I saw the pews the platform,” Conner said. “My first response within me was Lord, am I prepared?” 

Those were Conner’s first thoughts one month ago when he saw the aftermath of the tornado.

Today, Mt. Zion Baptist Church gathered to pray and celebrate.

“We’re still rejoicing over what God did last Thursday, the miracle of Mt. Zion continues,” Conner said. “Saying that none of our children none of our staff were injured that is truly a miraculous work of God we really believe that,”

Although one of their sanctuaries is without a roof, they still have one building left for church gatherings and the pre-schoolers.

“We don’t have to go borrow a facility because that doesn’t really lend to the unity of putting things back together here if we did have to go to a temporary facility elsewhere,” Conner said.

Piles of metal and debris are now getting cleaned up, as the church is still in the process of cleaning up what Mother Nature left behind.

“God works through circumstances,” Conner said. “In this case, it was we had prepared and then God in his sovereignty also sent protection so for that we’re all grateful,”

They are grateful for what remains. 

Mt. Zion Baptist Church has received more than $22,000 in donations from outside of the church.

They are still waiting on insurance before beginning repairs.