30 city-owned properties up for bid in Paducah

PADUCAH — The city of Paducah is losing money on empty lots and old homes it owns.

There are 30 properties the city owns around Paducah. Some had dilapidated homes that the city had to demolish.

That costs the city money. Paducah is having a surplus property sale April 29. The goal is to get you to buy the lots, take them off the city’s hands, and pay property taxes.

Debbie Ramsey has lived in her home on Fountain Avenue for 25 years. “It’s home. It’s the only home I ever looked at. When I walked in, I knew it was home,” Ramsey said.

“It’s safe. We can go out walking at night if we want to,” Ramsey said. She knows most of her neighbors.

She and the city are hoping someone will buy land right next door. “It looks bad for the neighborhood. Houses need to be built on them,” said Ramsey about the properties.

Some of the surplus properties were given to the city, some had liens, and others had code enforcement issues. The majority are empty lots.

The city paid for dilapidated homes to be demolished. Now, local leaders want you to invest.

The majority of the properties are in the Fountain Avenue neighborhood, which is one of the newly renovated areas of Paduach. It’s a walkable area where lots of families live, and there are businesses close by.

“You’re close to everything,” Ramsey said. “You got the grocery store just a mile down the street. You’re right down by downtown. We walk to Barbecue on the River, so we don’t have to deal with traffic.”

“When it comes to real estate, it is always location, location, location,” said Paducah Planning Director Tammara Tracy. She said all the property sale proceeds go to the general fund, which can pay for many things.

“Some of it is for maintenance of our streets, and others go into the fund that is rebuilding the sidewalks in Fountain Avenue today,” Tracy said. “Any money we make on these properties reduces the amount of tax dollars we need to spend.”

She said the city is losing money by owning the lots. The city is looking for someone to start building as soon as possible.

“I hope someone will buy it and build a house there,” Ramsey said.

Tracy said there are a few homes for sale, but they’ll need a lot of cleaning up. Most of the properties are clean-slate empty lots.

Bids will start at $325. Your sealed bid and proposal is due by 4 p.m. on Monday, April 29. You can mail or drop bids off at the planning department inside Paducah City Hall.

To learn more about the requirements for the Paducah surplus property sale and how to submit your bid and proposal, click here.

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