Marion, Illinois, City Council considering new TIF agreements

MARION, IL — The Marion, Illinois, City Council will vote Monday night on two new tax increment financing projects.

Marion Mayor Anthony Rinella said sales tax revenue has doubled in the city since 2008, and much of that money came from TIF agreements.

Sun, water and soil — Terri Wallace knows what it takes to create beautiful flowers. She’s hoping a new TIF district will do for area business what she does for the flowers.

“I think it’s a great location — this corner here — and I think it’s just going to liven it up,” said Wallace.

Several months ago, Fox’s Flowers went through a storm after being kicked out of the Marion Star Centre Mall. The developer behind the TIF proposal bought Fox’s Flowers and moved the business to 501 West Deyoung St. Wallace said she hopes the new TIF proposals can be used to help other struggling businesses.

“I think every business, he wants to do something for the community and help people,”said Wallace.

Rinella said that’s an example of using TIF statutes to grow the city. “It’s taken land that’s went decades without any movement, or development, or improvements and making that viable property again,” said Rinella.

Neighbors said if the TIF agreement is approved, it will totally rejuvenate the development.

“Obviously bring in new jobs, so that’s cool — and bringing in cute little shops,” said Rinella.

These are all the things needed to keep growing this town.

The council will vote on the TIF agreements at 6:30 p.m. Monday. The Murphysboro, Illinois, City Council will also be discussing TIF districts during its meeting Tuesday.