Police say teacher admitted to recording videos of female students on cell phone

LYON COUNTY, KY — A former Lyon County Middle School teacher is in jail after state police say he admitted to trying to get naked videos of students. Michael McCuiston, 33, was arrested early Sunday.  He’s charged with tampering with physical evidence

The first thing Superintendent Russ Tilford says he knew needed to happen was to fire McCuiston. He didn’t get the chance, though. Tilford says when he went to the jail Sunday, McCuiston resigned. Tilford now says the district will do everything it can to assist police with the investigation.

“We’re disappointed. We’re hurt. That’s part of it,” Tildford says.

Tilford says many in the district are still in shock after the arrest of one of their own.

Michael McCuiston

Police say McCuiston — a teacher and coach at the middle school — admitted to setting his phone up in one of the school’s bathrooms. McCuiston allegedly told investigators he was trying to record nude video of a specific girl.

Tilford says McCuiston had a clean record with the school district, so no one saw this coming.

“The safety and security of our students and staff are always our top priority. You know, even though we often try to be proactive in those things, sometimes you have to react to the unexpected, and that’s how I categorize this. It was very unexpected,” Tilford says.

While Kentucky State Police is handling the investigation, Lyon County Sheriff Brent White says his office will help identify victims and is ready to assist the agency in any way it can.

“It’s nauseating for the general public. It’s certainly nauseating and extremely anxiety ridden for the leadership organizations that have to deal with the aftermath of putting the pieces back together or somebody taking advantage of the innocence of a child,” White says.

Tilford says he’s committed to protecting what he says is the district’s most valuable asset — the kids.

“We feel the same emotion that our parents feel and that our community feels. We’re right there with them in this. Know that we’re doing all that we can do,” Tilford says.

Tilford says he has already reported the arrest and allegations to the state standards board. He also says if the allegations are true, he and other school leaders want to make sure McCuiston never works with kids again.

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