Delay granted in Marshall County High School shooting civil cases

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — A judge has granted a delay in two civil cases against the teen accused in the Marshall County High School shooting.

Gabriel Parker appeared in court on Tuesday where his guardian ad-litem raised several issues in an effort to protect Parker’s constitutional rights not only in the civil cases but also in the criminal case.

Parker is facing two lawsuits filed by families of the shooting victims.

The first suit was filed by the families of Bailey Holt, Mary Bella James, Dalton Keeling, and Gaege Smock. Bailey was killed in the shooting, while the other teens were injured.

Their suit names not only Parker, but his step-father, mother, and school district employees.

The second suit was filed by the parents of Preston Cope, the second student who was killed during the shooting. Their suit only includes Parker, his mother, and his step-father.

Parker’s civil defense lawyer Dennie Leach requested a delay in filing an answer to those two lawsuits as well as a stay of discovery. He argued that continuing with discovery in the civil proceedings could put Parker in a position to have to testify against himself.

He argued further that any testimony by Parker could jeopardize his defense in the criminal case.

Judge Jamie Jameson decided to grant Leach’s motion to delay filing Parker’s answer.

He also said there is no reason to stay the discovery because in the event that Parker is asked to testify or give a statement, he can assert his 5th amendment rights, meaning he doesn’t have to testify.

Parker’s criminal trial is expected to start in June of 2020. See our full coverage of the Marshall County High School shooting by clicking here.