Graves County Schools superintendent screening committee incomplete for first part of process

GRAVES COUNTY, KY — The Graves County School Board is searching for a new superintendent.

Current superintendent Kim Dublin is retiring in June. The screening committee is tasked with narrowing down the number of candidates.

It’s required that a parent who belongs to a minority group be appointed to the screening committee, but in this search, a minority member wasn’t appointed for the first part of the screening process. School Board Chair Ronnie Holmes says it was a misunderstanding.

“We where under the impression that we were OK and didn’t have to have the minority parent, and then when we found out when we did we stopped the process and took care of that,” says Holmes.

They’ve filled that role now and gave that parent the materials needed to screen candidates. The committee has since narrowed their candidates pool to six people. He says it’s important that they do things right.

“We’re where we think we need to be now, and everything is on track,” says Holmes.

School Board member Jim Wurth says the board takes the decision very seriously.

“It’s probably the most important decision the board will make,” says Wurth.

Wurth says, in addition to following protocol, it’s important for them to listen and find out what others in the district expect in a superintendent.

“We pulled our district administrators and we asked them because of what they needed in a boss,” says Wurth.

Wurth says their main goal is to find someone who will continue to improve Graves County Schools.

“I want Graves County to have the best superintendent,” says Wurth.

At last Thursday’s school board meeting, members voted to fire the district’s longtime attorney, David Hargrove, and replaced him with Jesse Wright. We called both attorneys for comment on the sudden change and about the issue with the screening committee. Hargrove told me he didn’t have anything to say and wants to move on. Wright said he couldn’t comment.

Holmes says their goal is to hire someone by the end of June. He also says as far as he knows they have fulfilled all the requirements for the search.

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