Important pool safety reminders to keep your kids safe this summer

PADUCAH — Warmer days mean your kids are probably already asking you when they can go to the pool, which means its a good time to refresh their memory on swimming safety.

At the Noble Park pool, they teach that safety is the most important thing to enjoy the water. Water safety experts say kids can drown in as little as 2 inches of water, and specialists tell me drowning can be a risk for anyone — even experienced swimmers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there were about 10 unintentional drowning deaths per day from 2005 to 2014, including two children 14 or younger each day.

At Noble Park on Tuesday, I talked to some kids on the playground to see what they know about staying safe in the water.

I asked Joshua and Emily Taylor what’s the No. 1 thing they do at the pool to make sure they’re safe?

They each said “not drown.”

Outside of the obvious, they had the right ideas.

“I guess not running,” Emily said upon further reflection.

“No running. No diving,” said 8-year-old Victoria Taylor.

They’re right about that. Noble Park Pool recreation specialist Taylor Morsching said running is their biggest problem. “We have cement around the pool,” he said. “Running with a lot of people around, there’s a chance of falling, and falling on concrete definitely could lead to injury.”

Sometimes kids don’t always follow the rules. I asked 10-year-old Zane Marlow what pool rules he remembers.

“Don’t run on the pavement,” he said. I asked him if he’s ever run on the pavement at the pool, and he said yeah. Reminding kids can go a long way.

Every year, you can go over a pool safety plan with your kids. Have them write down their favorite safety rule. It might just save their lives.

Additionally, Noble Park pool is one of many pools offering swimming lessons.

Morsching said it only takes a moment to drown. “Just because you’re out at the pool, just because their are lifeguards, does not mean that you can take away from supervising your own children,” he said. “We encourage parents to stay active with their kids in the water.”

You can find a template for a pool safety checklist and tips to be safe all summer from the Red Cross by clicking here.