New McCracken County superintendent says he wants to move district forward

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — After a unanimous vote, Steve Carter is now the new McCracken County Schools superintendent. Carter says moving forward, there has to be open dialogue.

“We’re going to have brutal, honest, confidential conversation. When things need to be said, they need to be said. And when issues need to be dealt with, they need to be dealt with then — because when they are dealt with, they are still there,” says Carter.

Carter says he’s aware of the recent turmoil within the district. He says he’s been through similar situations in other districts, and he believes he has what it takes to get McCracken County Schools back on track.

Steve Carter is now the new McCracken County  Schools superintendent.

“I saw what it’s starting to do to the community, and I’ve been in a community where that has happened before, and just felt like I can make a difference. When the focus goes away from the students and from the children, there’s a problem,” says Carter.

School Board Chair Chris Taylor says the district has gone through a lot.

“For the past few months, we’ve had some hard times,” says Taylor.

Taylor says he’s now ready to move the district forward.

School Board Chair Chris Taylor

“This process has been tough for all five of us, and I just want what’s best for McCracken County. We all five of us have kids in the system, and we all want what’s best for our students,” says Taylor.

Carter assures he will be open and honest.

“I know transparency is a big word down here right now, and what I would say is I will be as transparent as I can be,” says Carter.

Carter will finish the school year in Union County where he has served as deputy superintendent since 2012. His first day on the job in McCracken County is July 1.

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