Decora Alexander’s family says she was at her ex-boyfriend’s house when she died

UNION CITY, TN – We have new developments about the death of 20-year-old University of Tennessee Martin student Decora Alexander.

Her family tells us her body was found at the home of her ex-boyfriend Tony Mosley.

Obion County Sheriff’s Department says when they arrived, Mosley had several stab wounds and collapsed.

That’s when they found Alexander, dead, with multiple stab wounds.

Obion County Sheriff’s Dept. has not said if anyone has been arrested or charged in this case.

Her family also tells Local 6 that Alexander had a restraining order against Mosley, but was at his house. Their family says they don’t know the reason why she was there.

The family says a friend dropped Alexander off at Mosley’s house, and at 8:30 p.m., that friend posted a status on Facebook, asking if anyone knew where Decora Alexander was.

People who live on Joe Fry Lane in Union City, Tennessee say it’s a quiet and safe area.

But Saturday night, Obion County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call at this house and found 20-year-old decora Alexander dead on the floor with multiple stab wounds.

“Nobody deserves to be viciously, viciously attacked and brutalized as she was,” said Terika Cole, Alexander’s cousin.

“She ever got a chance to be a grandmother, you know?” Cole said. “She was robbed, she was robbed from opportunities, he took life from her. God is the one that gives and takes lives but it was not her time for life to be taken away from her. He robbed her, he robbed her of her family.”

Her family is trying to cope with a tremendous loss. They knew her as “peaches,” the sweetest girl they’ve ever known.

“A humble spirit quiet reserved sweet would give you the clothes off her back not selfish loving caring she was just all-around a good person,” Cole said. 

They only have memories left. Alexander was a dancer at UT Martin. Cole remembers the last time she saw her dance there.

“I love you peaches,” Cole said. “And she said, ‘I’ll see you soon’ that was the last time I saw her,” Cole said.

Those are the moments she is grateful for.

“She was loved and still is loved by so many people and I want to thank her for giving us 20 years of her love she was so beautiful she gave us 20 years god blessed her god bless her for 20 years and we love you peaches,” Cole said.

The family tells Local 6 that Alexander had told them she was worried about her safety. The family believes mental illness played a role in this.

The Obion County Sheriff’s Office’s press release did not mention anything about mental illness or about any motive.

The family says they have not made funeral arrangements yet.


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