New Graves County superintendent talks $14M renovation project, school tax issue

Matt Madding

GRAVES COUNTY, KY — Graves County Schools have voted in a new leader. The board called a special meeting Wednesday to vote on their new superintendent.

Matthew Madding was unanimously voted in by the board. He’s currently the principal of Graves County High School, a position he’s held for for six years. Madding is a Graves County native, and he says that’s what made him different from the 13 others who applied for the job.

He will take over after Superintendent Kim Dublin retires.

After Wednesday’s vote, I asked him about his plans for the $14 million renovations at Lowes Elementary and HVAC system replacement at Farmington Elementary, which caused people to petition against the tax hike to pay for it.

“I would like to do the process one more time with me being the superintendent,” Madding said. “I would like to start over one more time. Not that Ms. Dublin did anything wrong or left any stone unturned, but in the eyes of the voters this is the tax that was proposed while Ms. Dublin was superintendent. So if it happens to fail, I would like to take one more shot at it.”

The people of Graves County will be able to vote on the renovation project tax in November.

Madding’s first day as superintendent will be July 1.

Dublin will retire ‪on June 30.

Madding says the district is still planning regarding who will be Graves County High School’s next principal.