Motorcycle ride brings awareness to struggling veterans living in West Kentucky

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY –  Bryan Anderson served two tours in Iraq. He became a triple amputee after an IED explosion. He is now an author, activist, stunt-man and the spokesperson for USA Cares. 

“Overcome. Live life the way you wanna live it. Doesn’t matter what happens. You can’t control what happens to you,” Anderson said, “but what you can control what happens after it though.”

That’s the message he gives struggling veterans every day. The organization helps post 9/11 veterans stay above water.

Anderson poses with members of the local Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter.

“You know help keeping the lights on, or the car in the driveway, or the food on the table, or you know keeping your house whatever the case maybe will be there in that emergency.”

The fight to help veterans continues long after they come home. Many veterans are homeless or are facing financial trouble. The Veterans Data Central says about 25,000 veterans in Kentucky live in poverty. That’s why USA cares does an annual ride in West Kentucky to raise money.

The ride had a one year hiatus, but the new owner of Four Rivers Harley Davidson is happy it’s back.

“To be a part of something that’s so significant to our country, to our veterans, to our men and women in uniform,” said Marie McGruder, CFO and general manager. “I mean it’s near and dear to our heart.”

Veterans fight many battles when they come back home. USA Cares wants to take one of those battles off a soldiers shoulders.

“It really gives life back to the veterans,” Anderson said. “It gives them the help that they need to move on and help the transition of one back in to civilian life.”