To protect and serve, Detective Brooke Nelms

Dependable, determined, and daring. That’s how many of you are describing local Detective Brooke Nelms. She’s the person behind the camera in a video getting a lot of attention on Facebook. In just seven weeks it’s racked up almost 400,000 views. It shows her crawling down into an underground bunker, finding a fugitive hiding inside. The woman behind the badge talks about what drives her to succeed.

“I’ve always wanted to do this job for family related reasons. When I went into this career I’ve always taken it very seriously. I do want to help people, ” said Detective Brooke Nelms.

And Detective Nelms loves Graves County. “I knew that I wanted to do this,” said Nelms.

At this point in her career, Nelms reflects on coming face to face with a wanted man inside a underground bunker. “It was almost like a little bedroom. I raised the mattress. I see some feet and socks,” described Nelms.

April 2nd is a moment she knows she’ll never forget. She lifted the mattress expecting nothing and found Earnest Hendrickson. A man Graves County deputies had been looking for since November. “I just hope that minus my foul language that kids see that you can do anything you want to do. Regardless your gender or size, race any of that you can be whatever you want to be. If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything you want to,” said Nelms

I first met Brooke Nelms at Graves County Central Elementary on a visit she made as deputy. Recently promoted to detective, Nelms hopes she can continue to make an impact on younger generations.

Graves County Interim Sheriff Jon Hayden says Nelms is someone to look up to. “She is a go getter and she has a lot of energy. If you need her to come out at 2 o’clock in the morning all you have to do is call,” explained Hayden.

Nelms is one of those employees that excel in any position that you put them in said Hayden. “To move them from one assignment to another because you’re afraid there is going to be a deficiency. But she is certainly one of those employees she’s going to excel in any position she’s doing.”

Nelms’ drive comes from her father. “He raised me and my brother by himself. At the age of 2 my mother had some issues with drugs, which is another reason that I do this job,” said Nelms.

The position she’s most proud of is mother to her almost 8-year-old son. “He looks up to me a lot, which that makes me very proud. Hopefully it will help detour and teach him to make good decisions,” said Nelms.

Choices help shape who you become. In 2014, Nelms made the decision to protect and serve. “I am defiantly not the same person that I was. This job it changes you. Not necessarily for the bad, but the things we see it just makes you a different person. I’ve developed. I’ve matured and I take life a lot more seriously,” said Nelms.

In and outside of work Nelms says she’s a normal person. Pushing herself everyday to be a better person.