Voter turnout in McCracken County increases from four years ago

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — More Kentuckians turned out to help shape their state’s future on Tuesday.

In McCracken County, more people came out to vote in this primary than the one four years ago. This year, the voter turnout was 17%. Four years ago in 2015, it was only 9.6%.

“If you just sit at home nothing is being done about it,” says McCracken County voter Katherine Liles.

Liles says she votes in every election.

“We come from a place that we should all voice what we do and do not like and make a difference,” says Liles.

Ike Taylor also came out to vote on Tuesday. He says voting is a right that he never takes for granted.

“My mom, parents, and their parents — they didn’t have the right to vote, so I think every American that’s able to vote in 2019 should vote,” says Taylor.

While 17% might not sound like a big turnout, McCracken County Clerk Julie Griggs says any increase in turnout is a good thing.

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