Tennessee couple faces abuse charges after baby tests positive for drugs

Daniel Thomas

WEAKLEY COUNY, TN — A man and woman in Tennessee face child abuse charges after investigators say a baby removed from their home tested positive for cocaine and several other drugs.

Daniel Thomas and Jennifer Barner were arrested on May 14 after the Weakley County Sheriff’s Office says law enforcement officers found methamphetamine, marijuana, hydrocodone and Valium in their home in Dresden while carrying out a search warrant. Investigators say they also found a laoded 9 mm pistol and digital scales.

Jennifer Barner

Now, in addition to drug charges, the two face child abuse charges. In a news release sent Friday, May 24, the sheriff’s office says two children were removed from the home when the search warrant was served. Both children were given hair follicle drug tests by the Department of Children’s Services. One of the children, who is less than 1 year old, tested positive for cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana and benzoylecgonine — a compound formed by the liver when the body metabolizes cocaine.

Thomas and Barner have each been charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect.