Local WW2 vet given Operation Veterans Angel award


PADUCAH, KY – The Gratitude Professor Foundation honored a local World War II veteran with an award called Operation Veterans Angel. The award is part of their personalized program where you can award a veteran who has sacrificed for our nation.

U.S. Navy Commander Janette Arencibia says Private First Class Roy. H. Duncan is a WWII vet and retired railroad worker. She says he has received three Bronze Stars for his actions during WWII Rhineland, Central Europe, and Ardennes campaigns.

GPF says their goal is to show gratitude to “our  22  million  brave  women  and  men  who  have  served  and  sacrificed  for  Our  Great  Nation.”

Arencibia says the award is on behalf of active duty men and women as well as veterans who wish to thank Duncan for his service.