‘This whole flood is different;’ water surrounds homes in McClure, Illinois

MCCLURE, IL — Floodwaters are still affecting southern Illinois after 45 days of flooding. Highway departments and people living in the area are working to stop the floodwater every day.

Ron Creecy has lived in McClure in Alexander County, Illinois, for 42 years. He said this is some of the worst flooding he’s ever seen.

“It’s getting worse, it seems like, every year,” said Creecy. “1993 is the last time I’ve seen it this high.”

Like many others, the floodwater is getting closer to Creecy’s home. He said water on the roads happens every year. But this year something new is happening. Water is flooding a field Creecy said he’s never seen flood.

“It’s different. This whole flood is different. Water is in different places,” said Creecy.

Weather updates show more rain heading to southern Illinois. Areas like Union County are under a state of emergency. Local officials there are monitoring the levee and floodwaters.