People welcome proposed U.S. 60 widening project

BALLARD COUNTY, KY — Bernard Anselm has lived on U.S. 60 for more than 40 years. He spends a lot of summer afternoons sitting on his front porch watching traffic drive by. Sometimes the traffic can get pretty hectic.

“Those semis, they’re beginning to come in. Late in the afternoon like this there will be four or five of them right behind the other,” says Anselm.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is hoping to help fix that by widening U.S. 60 to four lanes from McCracken County to La Center. Anselm says he’s all for it.

“I think it will be a good thing,” Anselm says. ” This one is better than a lot of roads, but they’re a little bit too narrow.”

Matt Rudy, who owns Rudy’s Farm Center, says he hopes the widening will bring more people to his store.

“We see people from Paducah, who will be easier to get here, and hopefully as the four lane continues on towards Missouri and Illinois we will see more traffic from that area as well,” says Rudy.

A lot of people take U.S. 60 on their commute between McCracken and Ballard County, but the road is very narrow from McCracken County to La Center, which can be dangerous, especially for semitrailers.

“A mile past where the four lane ends now we’ll have wide open road, but we’ll have semi-trucks that run off the road,” says Rudy.

Some people could lose their property because of the widening project. Anselm says he’s all right with losing a little piece of his yard.

“I don’t know how much they’ll take,” says Anselm. “They can start any time.”

The transportation cabinet will be holding a public meeting about the widening project at 5 p.m. on June 11 at the Ballard County Economic Center and Industrial Board Office in Kevil.

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