Crews respond to crash involving sheriff’s cruiser on Lone Oak Road


UPDATE: PADUCAH — The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department has released more details about a crash the involved a deputy patrol car and a different crash that led to it.

The first crash happened around 5:17 p.m. Monday on Lovelaceville Road. As Local 6 reported in the original story below, one of the first responders at the scene of the crash had a medical emergency. In a Facebook post later Monday night, the sheriff’s office said that responder had no pulse and was not breathing. Others at the scene began working to resuscitate that person, and sheriff’s deputies worked together to provide an escort for the ambulance to take the responder to the hospital.

The sheriff’s office said Deputy Jim Wilson was helping with that ambulance escort when the crash on Lone Oak Road happened. Two other vehicles were involved in that collision, which happened around 5:36 p.m. on Lone Oak Road near the intersection with Highland Boulevard. The deputy and one of the other drivers were OK, but the third driver was taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

The first responder in the ambulance escort was safely taken to the hospital, but the sheriff’s office said no updates on their condition are currently available.

PADUCAH — Law enforcement officers and emergency responders are at the scene of a crash involving a McCracken County Sheriff’s Department cruiser on Lone Oak Road.

The crash happened near the Mercy Health Paducah Medical Pavilion on Lone Oak Road. Local 6 is told the deputy who was in the cruiser is OK. A truck was also involved.

Local 6’s Leah Shields reports that there were at least 20 law enforcement vehicles at the scene around 5:40 p.m. The Paducah police chief and the McCracken County sheriff responded as well.

Responders tell Local 6 Chief Photojournalist Mike Spissinger there were actually two crashes. A Lone Oak Fire Department firefighter experienced a medical event while responding to a crash and was rushed to the hospital. The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department responded to that incident, and that’s when the deputy cruiser was hit by another vehicle.

The Paducah Police Department responded to the crash involving the sheriff’s office cruiser.

Someone was injured in the wreck, and that person was taken from the scene in ambulance. We do not yet know who that person is or the extent of their injuries.

The side of Lone Oak Road next to the medical pavilion is blocked, and traffic is being diverted through the pavilion’s parking lot.