Dozens of families evacuate East Cape Girardeau, Illinois

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, IL — Rising waters are pushing people out of their homes.

“We are going to have to get ourselves new homes. We are going to have to find places to go. Everything is ruined,” Heather Fritz said.

She and her son were forced to evacuate their home in East Cape Girardeau, Illinois, on Tuesday along with dozens of her neighbors.

The mayor declared an evacuation order, and they had to get out by the end of the day.

They don’t know when they’ll be able to go home. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency said they’ve seen this water rise an inch a day at times, and they believe the flooding there will only get worse.

Some emergency management officials said the flooding could stick around until July, which means those families are at the mercy of the water.

“You brought the Army in a little too late, you know what I’m saying? There’s no help that can be done for us,” Fritz said as the National Guard sandbags the area and the Coast Guard helps evacuate families.

“We are here going door to door to make sure everyone is safe and aware of the mandatory evacuation,” said Coast Guardsman Weston Rogers. “We are assisting them getting to dry ground.”

Fritz’s home is easy to spot with her red car stuck in the flood.

“It is emotional. It very much so is when you own your home, and now you have to uproot and try to figure something out for not only you, but your children too. It’s going to be bad for a lot of us,” she explained.

As the water creeps up, Brandi Walters’ family is trying to save what they can.

Families are having to take everything out of their homes and put it in their cars all in one day. Once they evacuate, they don’t know how long it will be before they’re back in their homes because of public safety concerns.

“It is hard to realize this could happen to anyone,” said Coast Guardsman John Angotti.

We took a boat ride with them to see what they see.

“They moved to create a life, and in an instant everything they spent to build up and create a life could be gone — damaged,” Angotti said.

The Coast Guard said everyone is safe, but many of these neighbors have no place to go.

“Yeah, it’s just a trailer court, but them are people’s homes,” said Fritz.

The Coast Guard said the water is about 5 feet deep in some areas and closer to 3 feet near the mobile homes. Because this is a flood zone, Fritz said she wasn’t able to get flood insurance, so whatever the water ruins is gone.

The Coast Guard had three boats in East Cape Girardeau, but they finished the evacuations and are moving out of the area.

The mayor said the mobile home park is the only place under evacuation order.

WATCH: Sky 6 video shows the flooding in East Cape Girardeau, as well as in Gale, Illinois.