10 new pumps installed in Grand Tower to fight flooding

GRAND TOWER, IL — The town of Grand Tower in Jackson County, Illinois, is installing 10 pumps along the Big Muddy Levee as the community continues to deal with flooding.

It was raining again in Grand Tower on Wednesday, which is why getting the pumps started is so important. The trapped water from rain and ground seepage doesn’t have anywhere to go, so the pumps are taking the water back over the levee and into the Big Muddy River

Grand Tower Fire Chief Dennis Wright said installing the pumps is the next step to moving water away from the levee and the town.

“There’s nowhere for this water to go. We got to get the locks open when the river gets down and let gravity flow it out. That’s going to be a while, so these pumps are going to have to do the job for us,” said Wright.

Debbie Davis, who lives in Grand Tower, said she’s happy the town is getting help installing the pumps; she just wishes Mother Nature would get on board.

“I feel they’re doing a good job with them as long as they don’t bring the water this way — as long as they’re taking the water out. It would be really helpful if it would stop raining on us and let this flood go down so we could enjoy life,” said Davis.

But Wright said water is a part of life living near a levee.

“It just becomes part of life. It’s part of living on the river,” said Wright.

Wright said they hope to have the pumps running by Thursday. Once those pumps are done they’ll run 24 hours a day.