Abused dog Hero recovers after tail amputation

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — Hero the dog is recovering on Wednesday after part of his tail had to be amputated.

We’ve been following his progress for you. We first told you about Hero on May 1 after he was found with his mouth taped shut and residue on his back legs from where they had been taped together.

When he was taken to the McCracken County Humane Society, it was discovered that his tail was broken, too. “We noticed in the kennel, when he’d sit he would yelp,” said McCracken County Humane Society’s Executive Director Terry Vannerson said.

This is what Hero’s tail used to look like. You can see it is broken in two areas.

Hero is doing better without his tail to bother him. “Hero had a broken tail that had pretty much healed, but it had been broken in two places,” said Veterinarian Russell B. Jones. “Two 90-degree breaks that had healed in place.”

Jones performed the surgery on Tuesday. Hero still has about 6 inches of his tail.

“It’s a fairly minor procedure, and he’s not going to miss his tail,” Jones said.

Vannerson said they don’t think he’ll need any more surgeries.

Hero is healing well, but there will always be reminders of what happened to him. There is scarring across his nose where the tape was and more scars underneath his snout.

Despite what he’s gone through, his prognosis is good.

“I think that small amount of trauma isn’t going to cause him any lifelong issues, especially now that we got that tail off,” Jones said.

Jayce Bryant is charged with torturing Hero. As long as this case is in court, Hero is in limbo at the Humane Society.

“We are in a holding process, because it is a court case,” said Vannerson. “Right now what we can do is love him like we love all of our animals.”

He’s one of 175 animals that call the humane society a temporary home.

Bryant is scheduled to be arraigned in circuit court on July 18.

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