More sandbags on the way to East Cape Girardeau, Illinois

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, IL —  The Illinois Department of Transportation is delivering more sandbags to East Cape Girardeau, Illinois, Wednesday night. After people in part of the village were given a mandatory evacuation order, city leaders are focusing on the opposite side of town.

The state is delivering about 1,400 sandbag to stack behind people’s houses.

For 30 years Marlene Freeman has worked to own her home on Comanche Avenue. When it floods, she sometimes reconsiders her decision to move there when water gets into her basement.

“If the sump pump stops working, within about five minutes — if I stand over here — it’s over my feet,” said Freeman. She uses the sump pump to get the water out of her basement, and it drains out into her flooded backyard.  Other neighbors pump flood water out into the streets and into drainage systems. About every two minutes, you see water coming out of Freeman’s sump pump.

She said so many variables are on her mind. “Is my sump pump going to go out? Is my washing machine,

dryer, water heater — am I going to have to replace it? Because I’ll have to replace it,” she said.

Her neighbors on the other side of the village have already had to leave their homes as floodwaters

Freeman says water has never reached this far into her backyard.

neared their electric systems.

Freeman fears her house is next as the seep water coming up from the ground inches closer to her electric box in the backyard. She’s said people in East Cape Girardeau can’t afford this. “Most of them are elderly. They own their homes. They work every day,” she said. “This is all we got.”

The Illinois Department of Transportation continues to be on standby for all counties that need sandbags delivered.