Alternative ambulance routes announced with Route 3 closure

ALEXANDER COUNTY, IL — State’s attorney Zachary Gowin said in a Facebook post early Saturday afternoon the ambulance service is undergoing plan B with Route 3 closing down both lanes south of Route 146.

“This shuts off the direct route between the ambulance service and the nearest hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO,” Gowin said in the post.

Part of plan B is using a personal vehicle to get to a hospital if possible. This is the primary recommendation Gowin made in the post.

If using a personal vehicle is not an option, Gowin released the emergency situation plans based on locations.

  • Cape County Private Ambulance agreed to assist Alexander County in transporting anyone in East Cape Girardeau.
  • Those in McClure, Olive Branch, Tamms and Thebes will be transported to Union county Hospital by the Alexander County Ambulance Service.
  • Those in Cairo will be transported to Sikeston by the Alexander County Ambulance Service.

For more information, call the state’s attorney’s office at (618) 734-0408.