Man on the run after police show up with warrant, deer found in dog crate


Christopher Ivie

GRAVES COUNTY, KY — Police intended to serve a warrant for one man and ended up arrested three others while a fourth ran away from authorities. Police also found a small deer being kept in a dog kennel on the property.

Deer found in cage

A deputy with the Graves County sheriff’s office arrived at a home with the intent to serve a warrant to 53-year-old Keith Duncan of Sedalia. A man later identified as 41-year-old Christopher Ivie of Union City, Tennessee, answered the door but retreated back inside when he was asked for identification. Police say he has warrants for child abuse and neglect in Tennessee.

24-year-old Savannah Isbell of Mayfield walked outside before Ivie walked back in and police say she was hesitating to identify Ivie.

Police say they obtained a search warrant for the property, owned by Duncan and 36-year-old Jerri Turner of Sedalia, and found a month-old fawn with a dog collar on in a dog crate. After contacting a fish and wildlife officer, both Duncan and Turner received illegal possession of a white tail deer without a permit charge.

Along with the deer, police say they found a firearm with various drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Isbell and 18-year-old Tory Turner were also arrested with various charges.

Keith Duncan

During the search, it was confirmed by a second deputy on scene that Ivie escaped the property through a window at the back of the property.

Ivie is described as a white male with a slim build. He was last seen wearing black pants and without a shirt. Police believe he could be heading to Union City.

Savannah Isbell

Police ask anyone living in the southern portion of Graves County to inform the sheriff’s office at (270) 247-4501 if they see Ivie or know of his whereabouts.