Resurrecting a local landmark in McCracken County worn down by weather and time

MCCRACKEN COUNTY–  When you’re driving down North Friendship Road in Lone Oak, you might miss the sign that says, ‘Under New Management.’ There’s also something else new at Brook Hill Cemetery: the three crosses that went away a few years ago.

“I’ve worked for the Orrs’ for 40 years,” said Kenny Golightly, the owner of Golightly Painting. “I’ve been around before the kids were even born, but this right here, he’s talking about doing them and I said ‘I can build them crosses.'”

Kenny and his son Dewayne took on the task of building and erecting three crosses in the middle of the cemetery.

“Resoundingly, time after time, every one kept saying the crosses that were here were a large reason why they had chosen to choose cemetery lots here,” said Brandon Orr, the new owner of the cemetery. “So when you hear that so many times in a row, we just realized that was very important to people that we serve here at the cemetery.”

Years ago there were three crosses in the rock garden, but time and mother nature took its toll on them and they were removed.

“I think it was a landmark because people drove down Friendship and it was something that they could look forward to as they passed through friendship,” Orr said.

The three crosses represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

“If you’re a God-fearing man, that oughta tell you something,” Golightly said. “That right there is where it all started for a Christian, the good Lord lying on that center cross.”

The crosses at the cemetery are made out of 8 by 8 rough cut timber with oak dial pins.

“We wet them and when they put them in they swelled and they’ll never come out so it ought to be there when the god lord comes back,” Golightly said.

The crosses are now back in their original spot for people to see when they visit a loved one or they’re driving down the street.

“It’s a symbol of salvation,” Golightly said. “I mean just any way you look at it. Just plan and simple just a symbol of salvation.”