Man taken to hospital after ceiling collapse in local apartment

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — A man was taken to a hospital after part of his apartment’s ceiling collapsed on him Tuesday in McCracken County.

His family says the man, Jamal Jones, was in the bathroom when the sheet rock fell on him. His kids were home when it happened. “We heard something, then it fell on his head, then it fell on his neck,” 6-year-old Caden Jones says.

It happened around 10 a.m. Tuesday in an apartment on Glenn Street in McCracken County. Thoroughbred Capital, which owns the apartment complex, says the ceiling collapsed because an air conditioner unit’s condensation pan had over-filled. The company has an office in Mayfield.

The family says they were renting the place for a little under a year, and they have had multiple problems in that time. Tom Waldrop, a partner at Thoroughbred Capital, is over the local office. He says an independent home inspector checked all the units for a potential buyer about a month ago. Thoroughbred says the inspector didn’t report any ceiling problems and that the buyer was happy with the property.

Jones fiancée, Akeelah Smith, rushed home from work while the ambulance was taking Jones away. Smith says she told the property manager about a roof problem over the phone multiple times before Tuesday.

“I’ve been telling her that the ceiling’s been leaking. It looks like it’s going to fall in. Never heard nothing, and I guess today is the day it came in on him,” Smith says.

Smith showed us a video from March 15 of water leaking from the ceiling light. Thoroughbred told us in a statement, “We have no record of any contact from this tenant on March 15, 2019.”

The company does have a maintenance ticket that notes a roof problem on May 7, but the ticket says “our personnel fixed the prob.” The ticket gave no further explanation.

“I’ve let them known multiple times,” Smith says, telling us the apartment manager has known about it. “And once I’ve told them I was moving, she said they couldn’t give me my deposit back, because I was breaking my lease. But the reason I was breaking my lease was because of the situation that was going on in my apartment.”

Smith says the family planned to leave the apartment July 1. She says she’s just happy her kids weren’t in the bathroom when the ceiling collapsed.

“My kids could have been there, and thank God it wasn’t any of my kids,” she says. “I hate it happened to him, but I’m just happy it wasn’t one of the kids.”

Thoroughbred sent in a maintenance crew to clean up the ceiling debris.

Here’s the statement the company sent Local 6:

See attached timeline. Please note that the tenant was granted an early termination of her lease on May 31, 2019.

We have no record of any contact from this tenant on March 15, 2019.

Reference to “our personnel” explains the ticket was assigned to one of our full time salaried employees, not contractors.

Our office manager and property manager has nearly 15 years’ experience with our office. We have found her to be honest and worthy of our trust in her.

Tom Waldrop, partner
Thoroughbred Capital LLC

We’ve contacted McCracken County Code Enforcement to see if the property has any closed or open code violations. We were told the only code enforcement representative is out of the office until Monday.