Storm winds blow boat pier away from marina at Kentucky Dam Village

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — Friday evening’s storms brought damage to Kentucky Dam Village Marina. Pier one was blown away by the storm. There were people on the pier when the storm hit, but thankfully no one was hurt and everyone is accounted for.

Rick Martin was on the pier when the storm hit. He says it was terrifying.

“It started blowing in from the back of the boats initially, and then it reversed itself. The roof started to come apart. It twisted the 12-inch I-beams up there and blew our pontoon boat, which was beside our 60-foot boat, completely snapped the lines and blew it across the bay,” says Martin.

The Kentucky Dam Park manager says the park is closed until further notice. Police are asking that people stay away from the area until things get cleaned up and the park reopens.

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