Family remembers Savannah Hancock as they seek answers in her death


MAYFIELD, KY – Friday was three days since tragedy struck the home of Brandon and Savannah Hancock. Savannah was at home Tuesday night with her step daughter when an unknown gunman shot at their house, hitting and killing Savannah.

“I’m making it I guess, the best I can be,” says Brandon.

Brandon is remembering the kind loving person his wife was.

“She bent over backwards to help a lot of people,” says Brandon.

Brandon was in Paducah at a doctors appointment when he found out Savannah had been shot at their home. It was only two days later she died.

“It’s one thing to lose a family member, but whenever you’re losing a spouse, it’s even harder,” says Brandon.

Brandon and Savannah had been together for five years. They were married just this past December.

“We got married and thought we was going to have many years together, but we was wrong,” says Brandon.

Brandon and Savannah’s future was taken in an instant by a thoughtless act of violence.

“We’ve not had any gun violence where someone was hurt in over a year,” says Mayfield Police Chief Nathan Kent.

Chief Kent says his department is actively trying to find the person who killed Savannah. They’re hoping to answer why this happened.

“I don’t believe she was targeted, but we’re still running all those leads to the ground,” says Kent.

Brandon just wants justice served.

“I just wish the person that done it would just come forward on his own,” Brandon said, “We will forgive but we will never forget him.”

Right now, police are waiting for results from forensic evidence to come back, which could take 10 days or more. If you have any information about this case, call Mayfield Police at 270-247-1621.

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