Storms damage buildings, docks throughout Local 6 area


Photo of Moors Marina by Christopher Brock

PADUCAH, KY — Tornado warnings stretched from the western end of the Local 6 region to the eastern end within four hours on Sunday, June 23. While there was no confirmation of a tornado touching the ground throughout the region, damaging high winds, heavy rain and hail were reported with these storms.

Damages to churches, buildings, cars, power lines and trees are inevitable during strong storms. The storms on June 23 were no different.

Harbor Holiness Church – Photo by Morgan and Laura Stephens

We have crews out gathering more information and footage of the damage.

A dock in Moors Marina in Marshall County, Kentucky likely suffered the greatest damage. Local 6’s Jack Kane sent us this photo taken by Christopher Brock.

Local 6’s Chris Yu went to Lebanon United Methodist Church in Hendron, Kentucky. A tree collapsed onto the roof. The pastor, congregation members, neighbors and a disaster team were working on clearing the tree from the area to assess the greater damages.

A roof collapsed inside the Harbor Holiness Church in Smithland, Kentucky. Pictures show tons of dust and debris inside a gathering room and within the pews. Another photo angle shows a tree laying on the building.

Harbor Holiness Church – Photo by Tennie Murphy


Downed power lines and trees are affecting several roads, including KY 305/Cairo Road in McCracken County.

Many people throughout the region are experienced power outages. Crews are working to restore power as quickly as possible to their members.

One injury has been reported so far.  A woman is being treated at Murray Calloway County Hospital from injuries related to the storm.  There were originally reports that she was struck by lightning, but Murray State University director of communications Shawn Touney tells us they don’t know if that’s what happened or not.  We’ll continue making calls to check on her condition.

You have been sending us photos all afternoon, and we encourage you to continue sending in your photos. We have a photo gallery and a link to send us your photos here.