Sister seeks answers after investigators say her brother was killed by dogs

Scott Butler

GILBERTSVILLE, KY — Brian Butler, known as Scott by his friends and family, was found dead in Marshall County on Saturday off McCoy Lane.

Sunday, state police said autopsy by the Western Kentucky Regional Medical Examiners Office preliminarily found that Butler died from sharp force trauma from a dog attack.

His family is setting up funeral arrangements at Collier Funeral Home in Benton, Kentucky.

We have new information about the attack, but we want to warn you that some of the details are disturbing.

“If you got a brother or a sister out there, you know what I’m going through right now. I just want answers,” says Butler’s sister Cheryl Roberts.

This is where Butler’s body was found.

She met up with us by the orange outline drawn where her brother was found dead. “He was down on his luck, but even down on his luck he was still loving and giving and inspirational. He’s going to be missed by many people,” Roberts says.

She says he was homeless and would sleep on couches in the neighborhood. Kentucky State Police Trooper Bryan Luckett says Butler had puncture wounds and severe facial wounds.

His sister has questions about the gruesome attack. “This is a horrendous crime right here, and I want answers,” she says.

One street over, Nora and Randy Nichols say they may have been the last people to see Butler alive. They say a few days ago they saw him walking down the road.

Just a little while after they saw him, Nora says about six police cars and two ambulances were there. The Nicholses say they worry about the dogs in their neighborhood so much that they put up a fence.

“Well, we have a lot of running dogs around the neighborhood. I have my own dogs,” Nora said. “It is unhandy at times having to open the gate and close it when you run in and out, but for my dogs’ protection, our protection and my grandchildren’s protection, we have the fence.”

Marshall County Animal Control took in two pit bulls that were found near the scene over the weekend.

On Monday, animal control took a third dog from a home only a few hundred feet away from where Butler’s body was found. KSP says they do not believe that dog was part of the attack, but the dog was taken as part of the investigation.

“He slept with them dogs,” Roberts says. “I know what the Hell happened here. I just want answers. Someone come forward please.”

County Attorney Jason Darnall says they don’t know yet if they have the dogs that killed Butler, so he’s warning people to beware.

KSP says they will likely do DNA testing on the dogs to see if they are the ones who attacked Butler. We know at least two of the dogs are in quarantine.

You could face charges if your dog hurts or kills someone. Darnall says depending on the facts, you could face a misdemeanor of harboring a vicious animal or a felony of wanton murder.

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