Livingston County Schools working with community to collect supplies for all students

SMITHLAND, KY — The community is working with Livingston County Schools to collect school supplies for all the students in the district.

Vonda Todd, who works at the Salem location of Farmers Bank & Trust, said she saw on the news that the Crittenden County School District is collaborating with churches, businesses and organizations to provide free school supplies for all 1,400 or so students in that district.

“I seen it on news channel 6. I know Crystal Wesmoland from Crittenden County Schools, and I went and spoke with her about it, how she got it started. And I feel like we can do the same here in Livingston County,” said Todd.

The Livingston County Offices at 321 Court St. in Smithland has a drop-off location on the first floor.

Todd brought the idea to Livingston County Schools. She is working with Stephanie Henson — director of the school district’s Family Resource and Youth Service Centers — to get businesses, churches and organizations involved in collecting school supplies. The goal is to get enough supplies for every one of the approximately 1,100 combined students at North and South Livingston Elementary Schools, Livingston County Middle School, and Livingston Central High School.

“For the whole county all across the board, and I just feel that it’s a needed effort, especially after the floods that we’ve had,” said Todd.

The Livingston Count Public Library also has a drop-off location.

Ashley Wring has a son and daughter who attend Livingston County Schools. She said it costs about $100 to buy school supplies for each student, so this effort between the school district and the community means a lot.

“Amazing, because that lets you know that they’re behind your kids,” said Wring. “I mean, they’re supporting them, they’re behind them, and they’re trying to help and get everybody on the same level.”

Todd said several churches have made contributions to the drive as well.

Farmers Bank & Trust and Glenn’s Prescription Center in Salem are collecting supplies as well.

They are in need of crayons, pencils, loose leaf paper, pocket folders, dry erase markers and glue sticks, among other things.

“The goal for this is when that teacher walks in that classroom on the first day of school, that those children have every supply they need,” said Todd. “Because these are our kids of our future. This is our future, our kids. We need to work towards that — not just the parents, not just the grandparents, no just someone out there — all of us.”

Todd said the hope is to collect all the school supplies by the last week of July. The first day of classes at Livingston County Schools is Aug. 15.

Henson said community members had been donating for many years. This initiative, however, is the first countywide effort to provide school supplies for all students in the district.

Currently, anyone wishing to donate school supplies in Livingston County can drop them off at:

— Farmers Bank & Trust: 216 West Main St. in Salem.
— Glenn’s Prescription Center: 119 East Main St. in Salem.
— Tambco Convenience Center: 354 West Main St. in Salem.
— Livingston County Offices: 321 Court St. in Smithland (first floor next to sheriff’s office).
— Livingston County Public Library: 321 Court St. in Smithland (third floor).

Henson said anyone wishing to make a monetary donation can write a check to “Family First,” with “school supplies” in the memo line. They can mail the check to Livingston County Schools, PO Box 219, Smithland, Kentucky 42081. They can also drop the check off at the sheriff or county clerk’s offices at 321 Court St. in Smithland.

If your business, church or organization would like to help collect school supplies for Livingston County Schools, contact Vonda Todd at Farmers Bank at 270-988-9000 or Stephanie Henson at 270-928-4768.

Meanwhile, the Crittenden County School District told Local 6 Wednesday that they’ve collected about 70% of the school supplies they need to cover all their students.

They still are working to get more:

— Sketchpads
— Pencil pouches
— Two-pocket folders
— Two-pocket three-hole punch folders
— Highlighters
— Earbuds
— 1-inch three-ring binders
— 2-inch three-ring binders

To learn more about the Crittenden County drive, click here.

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