Water pumping continues in efforts to ease southern Illinois flooding

MCCLURE, IL — Water pumping operations continue in southern Illinois as communities continue to deal with flooding. Three tractors are powering pumps running at the Clear Creek Levee near McClure, but only two pumps are running.

One of the tractors is out of the water and needs a part replaced to be able to pump water. The station is off of Grapevine Trail, which was covered by 10 inches of water Friday.

Jessica Clymer and her family live near the flooded part of the road. She said the water makes her husband’s commute worse, and make it harder to get anywhere.

“We’re basically stuck back here unless we can go to Anna. But other than that, it’s me and three kids here with my grandma now, who’s been away from her home for two months because of the flooding,” said Clymer.

Clymer said she’s lived there her entire life, and this is the worst flooding she’s ever seen.

Three additional pumps were brought in to the main pumping station in Gale, Illinois last Friday. They’re set up and are able to start running.