Drivers and businesses prepare for I-24 exit 4 closure

PADUCAH, KY — It’s finally here! Starting on Monday at 6:00 a.m. the I-24 exit four in Paducah will be closed as crews continue work on the double crossover diamond.

“It’s gonna probably be a headache for everyone involved here,” says Jon Walker.

Walker lives in the mall area. He says he usually avoids the exit four interchange when heading to work by taking back roads. With the on and off ramps being closed, Walker might see more traffic on those back roads. Something he says he’ll keep in mind going to work.

“In try to get to work a little bit earlier anyway to beat just the normal traffic and so with the increased traffic that’s going to be on the road I’ll probably try and leave a few minuets early,” says Walker.

Exit 3 will be the primary detour for drivers trying to get to the mall area. While the exit 4 closure might be a hassle for drivers, it very well could be an asset for businesses just off of exit 3.

“That’s what we’re here for,” says Mary Knowles.

Knowles is the manager at Waffle Hut. She says she expects business to pick up as more people take exit three as a detour.

“It probably will but the problem is we have good business now,” says Knowles.

Bob Simpson and his wife are regulars at Waffle Hut. He says he fully expects to see more people stopping in to eat there over the next several weeks.

“I’d say the traffic flow will pick up a lot better on exit three, these people will see an increase in business I’d think,” says Simpson.

Simpson says he’ll probably still drive through the mall area, but with a little extra caution.

“Patience is going to be the key, people are going to have to be patient,” says Simpson.

The closure could last up to five weeks. Once the closure is over the double crossover diamond should be functional for drivers.

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