DOE donates thousands of pounds to local food banks

PADUCAH, KY — Your local food bank is struggling right now. Donations are well known for being critically down during the summer months.

The Department of Energy addressed the need with the “Feds Feed Families” program at the Paducah site.

An email from the Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership, LLC said over 19,000 pounds of food were collected at Sam’s Club Wednesday to donate to nine local non-profits.

This was the largest single donation some of the organizations will get all year.

“A lot of our folks are elderly,” Lighthouse Community Food Bank co-chairman Frank Cage said. “They’ve worked hard their whole lives, never been able to save much money and they are on a fixed income and so I can’t tell you how many have told me, have thanked us for having for having this food bank, because it was a decision to either buy food or their medicine.”

To help out with this shortage, call your local food bank and ask them they need. Fresh fruit and canned goods are among the most common needs.