Phone lines experiencing outages in Benton, Mayfield

UPDATE: As of 3 p.m. Thursday, all emergency and non-emergency lines for Kentucky State Police Post 1 have been restored. All 911 lines will now go back to Kentucky State Police from the Paducah – McCracken County 911.

BENTON, KY — Two police departments in west Kentucky said phone lines were experiencing technical difficulties Thursday morning.

The Benton KY Police Department said in a Facebook post cell phone services were down. This included texting and calling 911. They said messages through different smart phone apps seemed to be working okay. If anyone in Benton has an emergency, they should find the nearest location with a landline phone and call 911 from there. Non-emergency calls can reach central dispatch at (270) 527-1333.

The Kentucky State Police said Post 1 in Mayfield is also experiencing cell phone service outages. However, 911 calls still work. They are being routed to Paducah – McCracken County 911 and information is then being transferred back to Post 1.

If anyone needs to contact KSP, call one of the following numbers:

  • (270) 856-3721
  • (270) 856-3722
  • (270) 575-7228
  • (270) 575-7045

We will update you when cell phone lines are up and running again.