PADUCAH — Art class is in session at Easterseals West Kentucky in Paducah, and art teacher Breanna Clayton is helping her students.

Gajarah painting

"We want to get around the edges. It's OK if we get it on the plate. You want me to hold it up for you?" Clayton asks a student.

Gajarah Garrett is in art class painting a canvass with a variety of colors. Clayton says Gajarah really likes to paint things and then give them away as presents.

"If I want other people to do stuff for me, I have to do stuff for them right back. Got to take it serious, too," Garrett says.

However, don't be fooled into thinking painting is Gajarah's only passion. At age 34 she's truly a renaissance woman. She loves to bowl, play softball and participate in just about any activity she can throughout the year.

That also includes singing in the Easterseals West Kentucky Choir. In fact, this year, Gajarah has a solo, and her personality comes alive when she shares her love of music with her friends.

Gajarah was diagnosed at an early age with a mild intellectual disability and cerebral palsy. She's never let the effects of those diagnoses slow her down.

Gajarah and Barbara

Gajarah Garrett, on the left, poses for a picture with her foster mom, Barbara Pearson.

Gajarah's foster parent, Barbara Pearson, says she'd be lost without Gajarah in her life.

"She does things that makes me happy. I do things that make her happy. And we just kind of feed off each other," Pearson says.

For about five years, Pearson has provided the stable home life Gajarah needs.

"Everybody deserves a home. Everybody needs a place to stay. Everybody needs — where they know where they're going to at night. They need to know where they're going to sleep at. They need to have a schedule to make their lives complete," Pearson says.

For 10 years, Gajarah's been a regular at Easterseals West Kentucky, and it's helped mold who she is today.

"If it wasn't for Easterseals, I could see her as a couch potato just sitting around watching TV. To me, going to waste, because she's not using anything, but coming here she keeps active," Pearson said.


Gajarah Garrett is a client at Easterseals West Kentucky in Paducah.

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