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What COVID-19 requirements will your child face?

The new school year is fast approaching, and you have questions about what your child can expect. Will they have to wear masks? What about social distancing? Will virtual learning be available again this year?

We're working to get answers. Here's what west Kentucky school districts have told us so far. 

School districts on COVID-19 policies

School district Masks Social distancing Virtual learning Additional details
Ballard County Masks will be optional in buildings, but mandatory on buses in keeping with a CDC order. The district will attempt to provide 3 feet of social distancing where possible and reduce congestion in classrooms and common areas. The district is having conversation about what virtual options, if any, may be available to students. "I think all school districts are cautiously optimistic about the chance to return to school in a more normal setting. However, we are all keenly aware that some decisions can be made for us and that we must comply, whether the mandates are aligned with our beliefs or goals." Superintendent Casey Allen says.
Caldwell County Masks are optional, but recommended for nonvaccinated students. Masks on school buses will be decided by local school districts in the county. Superintendent Jeremy Roach said schools will try to adhere to 3 feet of social distancing as much as possible. Jeremy Roach said: "If a student has a health issue, we can work with them and their health provider for students to participate in home hospital, in which their delivery of instruction can be designed to what best fits a student’s individual needs." Roach added added the district would still need to have contract tracing protocols in place and work with school nurses and health officials if students test positive and have to be quarantined.
Calloway County Optional, but highly encouraged When possible Unknown Students who have COVID-19 will still need to quarantine. Students exposed to an infected student will also require a quarantine
Carlisle County TBD TBD TBD Superintendent Jay Simmons says the district is waiting for guidance from the Kentucky Department of Education before making any policy decisions on COVID-19 protocols.
Crittenden County TBD TBD The district plans to have in-person learning for all K-8 students starting Aug. 24. High school students have a virtual option, but only if they were successful while learning virtually last year. "I wish we could tell you more at this time, but all this continues to evolve, so we don’t intend to decide what happens next until closer to the start of school," Superintendent Vince Clark says. "We will be prepared to do whatever it takes to continue In-person learning for our students."
Fulton County Optional, but highly recommended • Classrooms may not have shared seating options: couches, bean bag chairs, book nooks, or other flexible seating. NTI based on number of COVID-19 Cases "At this time Fulton County Schools have not approved or disapproved mask wearing. We start school late August and feel we have more time to make a decision. We will work closely with our local health department to help in our decision making within the next two weeks." Fulton County Schools Superintendent Patrice Chambers
Graves County Masks are required for everyone inside school district buildings and on buses. Promote physical distancing where practical. Provide virtual instruction when necessary. Fully vaccinated persons will not have to quarantine if he/she is not experiencing symptoms.
Hickman County TBD TBD The district does have a virtual option students can apply for. “The program is intended for students who have a medical need to not come in person due to COVID-19,” Henderson says. "At this time, we are still waiting for further guidance from KDE before we make any COVID-19 related decisions," Henderson says.
Lyon County TBD TBD TBD Lyon County’s first day of school is Sep. 7, because of a renovation project, so the district has not made decisions on how it will handle COVID-19 risk yet. “Certainly, we are monitoring CDC guidance along with KDE and KDPH. Likewise, we will see what our friends and neighbors in other districts implement as they return in August,” Superintendent Russ Tilford says.
Livingston County "Our plan is to return to normal operating procedures for the new school year while ensuring safeguards are in place to prevent and mitigate the spread of disease (COVID, flu, strep etc.)," Superintendent David Meinschein says. "At this time, there is not a plan for a virtual option," Meinschein says. "However, our goal is to serve the individual needs of our students and work with the parents of immunocompromised students to provide a quality education in a setting that would prevent them from being compromised."
Marshall County Optional No Marshall County is not offering a Virtual Option related to COVID-19 for the 2021-2022 school year "Everything that has come down from CDC, KDE, and state government has left these decisions in the hands of local control. There is only one item that is mandated out of local control and that is that students are required to wear a mask while being transported on the bus. As to the wearing of masks anywhere else at any other time anyone who chooses to do so may, but it is not going to be a requirement." Marshall County Schools Superintendent Steve Miracle
Mayfield Independent Everyone is required to wear a mask while inside schools. Masks are also required on buses. Unknown An on-line option will be available for homebound and home/hospital instruction. Masks are required for everyone while on school buses per CDC guidelines.- Mayfield Independent Schools Superintendent
McCracken County Masks will be required indoors for all students, staff and visitors. Masks are also required on buses. Will maintain 3 feet of social distance where possible Unknown
Murray Independent Optional "Social distancing is encouraged when feasible. But when respective schools reach full capacity, the practice is not always possible." An online option is available for students who qualify for homebound or home/hospital instruction. More than 70% of employees in the Murray Independent School District are vaccinated and MISD will continue to promote hand hygiene and mitigation efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19. Coy Samons, MISD Superintendent
Paducah Optional at school, but mandatory on buses. 3 feet of social distancing where possible. No information available Parents are being asked to screen their children each day before school. Students with a temperature over 100.4 should not go to school.
Trigg County Unknown Unknown Unknown
Last updated: July 27, 2021

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