I Saw It On 6

For a daily list of web-exclusive links related to stories you see on air, see the links below: 

For more information about the Paducah Dogwood Trail, click here. To see a map of the trail, click here.

– To report IRS impersonations and scams to the Treasury Department, click here.

– For the list of priests accused of sexual abuse released by the Diocese of Owensboro, click here.

– To learn about the steps to take if you miss the tax deadline, click here.

– For more information on the Four Rivers Watershed Sustainability Festival, click here.

– For more information on Illinois elections, click here.

– For more information, including a schedule for 2019 Tater Day, click here.

– To read more about the best and worst ways to answer the job interview question “Why do you want to work here?” click here.

– For more information about the USDA broadband grant program, click here.

– To read the full 2017 audit of the Hickman County Fiscal Court, click here.
– To find an automotive professional who can get your car ready for spring, click here.
– Your social security number will never be suspended. To learn how to protect yourself from scam calls claiming has been, click here.

– For more information on applying for LIHEAP in Illinois; click here.
– For more information about the 30th annual Ohio River Sweep Poster Contest; click here.
– Parents, if your child has experienced a distressing or life-threatening event, click here for a checklist you can use as a starting point to see if your child needs treatment for possible PTSD.

– For more information about a recall on Kubota Z100 series zero turn towers; click here.
– For more information on how to report a scam or attempted scam, click here.

For resources from Four Rivers Behavioral Health for parents of children who’ve experienced trauma, click here.

– To learn more about the new scams targeting home renters, click here.

– To let Paducah know what improvements and new services you’d like to see in the city’s parks, click here and click here.

For more information about HerrinFesta Italiana, click here.

– For more information about Kentucky Antibiotic Awareness and the problems antibiotic overuse can cause, click here.
– Kentucky leaders want you to participate in the 2020 census. For more about the U.S. Census, click here.

– For a list of things to do after your home is flooded as your start recovery, click here.

– To check on closures at Land Between the Lakes, click here.

– People can bring donations for Souls Harbor Holiness Church at 306 Wilson Ave in Smithland, KY.

– To learn how you can get involved in the fight against hunger, click here.

– To access the sex offender registry for Kentucky, click here. For Tennessee, click here. For Illinois, click here. For Missouri, click here.

– To read the 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment report from the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration,  click here

– To learn more about Valentine’s Day scams and how to avoid them, click here.

– For information about money raised from presidential campaigns, click here and click here.

– To read more about the best ways to describe your weaknesses in a job interview, click here.

– To get more useful information from the Better Business Bureau to protect yourself from scams, click here.

– The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office Survivors Council has created the first ever statewide guide to resources for victims. To download the guide, click here.

– For more information on a recall of kids ibuprofen, click here.
– To learn more about the best ways to start a new job search quietly, click here.

– To participate in the city of Paducah’s master plan survey, click here.

– To track scams and report them through the Better Business Bureau, click here.
– To learn more about ways to protect yourself from scammers on the internet, and to view a video from the Federal Trade Commission, click here.

– To read the best sheeting buying guide, click here.

– To learn how to make the parenting gap on your resume work for you — and not against you — click here.
– FULTON INDEPENDENT PARENTS: The school district in Fulton, Kentucky, asks that no student walk to or from school on Friday, Jan. 25 because of how cold temperatures will be. The school will pay for students to take Fulton Transit to and from school. The district says call Fulton Transit at 270-472-0662 to schedule your child’s pick up for school no later than 6:30 a.m.

– For more information on dealing with grief click here, here, and here.

– To learn about free ultrasounds offered at West Kentucky Community and Technical College or to schedule an appointment, click here. The WKCTC Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is offering the service to pregnant volunteers throughout the spring semester, beginning Jan. 28.

– To learn more about the red flag phrases to not include on your resume, click here.

– You can find the obituary and funeral arrangements for Michael Swinford by clicking here.

– For more information on National Stalking Awareness Month, click here.

– To read more about what to do before, during, and after a networking event so you have a better chance of landing a great job, click here.

– To find a head shaving event near you, click here.

– To read the three things every potential employer wants to hear from you during an interview, click here.

– To read the overview of the Federal Commission on School Safety, click here. To read the actual report in its entirety, click here.
– To read the full report of America’s Health Rankings for 2018, click here.

– To read more about how military families can protect themselves from employment scams, click here.