Anthony Stalcup

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — At a preliminary hearing Tuesday in the case of a McCracken County man accused of killing his ex-wife, a sheriff’s detective testified that the man waited half an hour before alerting anyone that she’d been shot.

Anthony Stalcup, 64, is accused of shooting his ex-wife, 60-year-old Judy Stalcup, in the head on July 10 in a home on Noble Road. The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department said the woman was alive when deputies arrived and was taken to an area hospital, but she died at the hospital around 5:53 p.m.

In McCracken County District Court Tuesday, McCracken County Detective Ryan Norman took the stand. The detective testified that Stalcup didn’t make any attempt to help his ex-wife and waited 30 minutes before telling anyone that she was shot. After half an hour, he called a neighbor. The neighbor then called 911.

Norman testified that, when investigators talked to Stalcup on the 10th, he told them multiple stories about what happened.

Norman said Stalcup first claimed his ex-wife killed herself, but changed his story after investigators told him her injuries couldn’t possibly be from a suicide attempt. The detective testified that Stalcup next claimed that he picked up the gun and acted like he was going to shoot himself — but accidentally fired the gun, hitting the woman instead. Norman said that story doesn’t make sense either.

Norman said, while the couple were no longer married, they were living together in the house on Noble Road. He testified that Stalcup had a history of domestic violence.

Judge Chris Hollowell denied Stalcup’s attorney’s request for bond. Stalcup’s next court date is scheduled for 8:30 a.m., Aug. 15.