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FULTON, KY — Last year while on vacation, Austin, Texas native Stephanie Hazlewood made a quick stop at Lohaus Field in Fulton, Kentucky.

The reason, it was the same field that her father, Newt Seacrest, played on when he was a member of the Fulton Railroaders back in the 1940’s.

Hazlewood was asked to throw out the first pitch at the Railroaders game the following day, however had to decline. One year later, she was back and threw out the first pitch.

“He was a catcher,” she said. “So it was really cool to throw out the first pitch to a catcher.”

Seacrest played for the Railroaders as well as the Hoptown Hoppers in the Kitty League during the 1946 and 1947 seasons.

“It’s really cool to know I am standing on the field where he played in the 40’s,” said Hazlewood.

Growing up, baseball was extremely important for her family. Although her father was years removed from the game, he never was far from it.

“He helped build baseball fields for the boys in town to play baseball on,” she said. “So I grew up on a baseball field and its fun to watch.”

Following that first pitch, Hazlewood was able to watch the newest Railroaders. Ironically, while sitting in the stands, she was sitting next to some of the oldest Fulton fans.

“The front row is full of people that came when they were kids in the 40’s and paid there way into the game with bottlecaps,” said Railroaders General Manager Richard Parham.

It just so happens that one of them was Tommy Scearce, who was a little boy when Hazlewood’s father played, and knew who he was.

“How could it really be that he knew him,” she said. “He did. He even said he had an autographed ball with is name on it. So that is cool.”

Although Hazlewood admitted she may not make it back to Fulton every year, she vows to return again to her fathers field.