Monday, April 22 is Earth Day. Earth is the only home we have and if we don’t take care of it, we may not have it for much longer.

Meteorologist Jason Lindsey did a little research on how much trash we’re creating here in the Paducah area.

He found that in 2018, we created 9,280 tons of residential garbage and 18,190 tons of commercial garbage.

That’s a total of 27,470 tons of trash in Paducah alone.

Here are some tips on how you and your family can reduce waste.

  • Bring you own cloth bags to carry your groceries at the grocery store.
  • Use less, reuse what you have, and recycle when possible.
  • Try to watch how-to videos to create your own deodorant, make-up, and more. Store those homemade items in recyclable containers.

For more information on Earth Day, click here.