SYMSONIA, Ky. — Down her quiet county road, Tiffany Durham says there’s a sense of security, or at least there used to be.

“People that want to shoot at people did not come out here and now they have,” says Durham.

Durham is talking about a shooting at her neighbor’s house.

“This incident just tainted this area and it’s made me so much more nervous for this place I grew up in,” says Durham.

The shooting happened at home on Bell Road in Symsonia, Kentucky around 6:30 Friday night. The couple who lives there didn’t want to go on camera but they say Douglas Becker walked in through their front door and threatened them with a gun. Their infant daughter was also in the home.

The wife says she managed to grab the baby and ran outside. She says her husband escaped out a bedroom window. Next to the window is a bullet hole the couple says came from Becker’s gun.

With a shooter on the loose, Durham says her neighbors relied on each other to stay informed.

“This road is kind of like a community,” says Durham. “I called one neighbor and she called some other neighbors, and then they called their children who live on the road, so we had everybody contacted. Lock your doors because somebody is on the road running around.”

Durham suggests getting to know your neighbors because one day they could save your life.